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Living in Canada – How to choose the province?

Bandera canadiense con los edificios del parlamento provincia de Ottawa

On the internet, we find multiple sources of information about places to live in Canada. This causes us to be confused, because choosing the correct place for a migration plan will depend not only on the weather or how well recognized the province is, but also on your profile, opportunities and goals.

But then; when choosing the province to live in, what should we take into account? In this post, we want to tell you 5 characteristics that our consultants will take into account when analyzing the best immigration option for you and your family:

1. Your goal: That’s right! What you decide to do in this country and what you are looking for will mark the way forward to choose the immigration program that suits your needs.

2. Your profile: It is not a secret to anyone that not only the desire to do things is enough to achieve them, it is necessary to have a series of minimum requirements to be able to apply for a visa. For example, if the objective is to obtain a permanent residence through Express Entry, the requirements will include, among others, the fluency of the language, studies, work experience and monetary funds.

3. Provincial Nominee Program: In which province do you want to live? Each province has its provincial nominee program, according to its needs and its internal economy. This point will be crucial if you come to study in Canada and if you want to obtain your permanent residence after graduation.

4. Immigration Program:You should know that in Canada there are more than 80 immigration programs. In our consultation, we will evaluate together which will be the best alternative and your possibilities, noticing the analysis of the different variables and programs.

5. Get advice from a professional: Although it is true that it is not mandatory to hire an immigration consultant to apply for Canadian programs, the experience and guidance they offer you will be decisive in planning a successful strategy and will reduce the margin of error that can be presented at the time of applying for a visa.

We hope we have helped you with these tips. Remember that at Di Leone Group, we are willing to help you to advise and represent your immigration case, whether you are in Canada or anywhere in the world.

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