Immigration Counsel

We are looking for a qualified immigration consultant for our full-time team, who will be an important ally when representing our clients, through inquiries and applications. You must provide immigration inquiries to our clients by guiding them in the different processes and applications such as: visitor visa, student visa, study permit, work permit, PNP, LMIA, Carer, H&C and any other procedures you apply for temporary and/or permanent Canadian residence.

Main responsibilities:
  1. Conduct the different immigration cases for Canada, including initiating and evaluating them, providing advice on applicable rules and procedures, preparing and filing the case, monitoring progress until completion.
  2. To be a contact point dedicated to our clients, providing them with a highly personalized service, which must meet the needs and expectations of the client, providing them with quality advice.
  3. Conduct a periodic review of the accounts.
  4. Identify, search and generate new business opportunities, ensuring the profitability of the work.
  5. To have high responsibility in the follow-up of clients after consultations with the aim of concluding contracts.
  6. Be always up-to-date on recent changes in Canadian immigration laws.
  7. Attend customer meetings, telephone conferences and videoconferences.
  8. Respond to telephone and e-mail queries in a timely manner, ensuring that advice is complete and accurate.
  1. Be an Immigration consultant with ICCRC.
  2. You must have active the Quebec MIDI certificate.
  3. Have an advanced level of Spanish and English.
  4. Know how to recognize priorities, high level of organization and know how to manage at the same time different projects.
  5. Ability to solve problems independently, with high analytical thinking and adapted to the parameters of values and objectives of the company.
  6. Good communication and professionalism between co-workers and customers.
  7. Flexible and autonomous.
  8. Good computer management. Use of software and technological programs to manage customer documents and open to learn how to use new programs and systems, extensive knowledge in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Acrobat, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp.
  9. Open to feedback and personal improvement.
  1. LMIA+WP 1 year (desirable).
  2. Student visa+ SP 1 year (desirable).
  1. ICCRC certificate.
  2. MIDI license or certificate.
  1. Dental Care.
  2. Extended Health Care.
  3. Vision Care.
  4. Flexibility to work in person or remotely.
Employment offer valid for staff resident in Canada. If you match the profile described and want to be part of our success team, send your CV to