Other services

  1. Drafting of contracts, documents, declarations and certificates taken under oath, and the certification of signature by a commissioner of the province of Alberta.
  2. Civil lawsuits up to $50,000 CAD, before courts and tribunals.
  3. Wills
  4. Clearance of criminal records in Canada
  5. Pardon for entry to the United States
  6. Home, vehicle and personal insurance (life, mortgage and accident)
  7. Travel and Super Visa insurance
  8. Retirement plans
  9. Financial planning
  10. Debt management (consolidations and bankruptcy)
  1. Travel documents
  2. Name change
  3. Pre-nuptial, cohabitation and separation arrangements
  4. Civil status declarations
  5. Registration in educational institutions
  6. Translations for immigration purposes
  7. Incorporation of companies and corporations
  8. CRA Records
  9. Professional and commercial licenses
  10. Among other services