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Our Services

Temporary residency
  • Visitors; tourism or business
  • Students
  • Temporary workers
  • Youth workers
  • International treaties (USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Europe)
Permanent residency
  • Family sponsorship (spouse, children, parents, etc.)
  • Federal programs (Express Entry)
  • Provincial Programs
  • Employment sponsorship
  • Caregiver (Child and eldercare)
  • Refugee or asylum
  • Humanitarian and compassion cases
  • PRRA
  • Appeals
  • LMIA
  • Detentions
  • Citizenships

Di Leone Group Inc

We are a Canadian immigration consulting firm, qualified to represent cases of refugee, asylum and the immigration programs offered by the country for people inside and outside Canada.

Di Leone Group has positioned itself as one of the most successful companies in immigration and humanitarian processes in Canada, thanks to the high level of positive cases. Likewise, we have a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure the success of the cases we represent, led by a team of consultants accredited by the Government of Canada.

We guarantee our clients the best attention and service at all stages of the cases we represent. Tell us about your case, sign up in our system for a consultation and let us guide you on your path to success. We represent cases throughout Canada, in addition we have the license in the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan.