Student Visa

Characteristics and requirements:

  • Has a start and an end date, fixed duration
    • Clear and defined itinerary
  • The visa has a defined intention
    • Studying!
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds for travel and stay
    • Bank statements
    • Tax returns
    • Investments
    • Credit cards
    • Any other evidence of financial solvency
  • Demonstrate sufficient ties to your country of origin (economic, family, work, personal projects, etc.)
    • Property and assets
    • Ongoing studies
    • Job stability
    • Economic stability
    • Personal and social commitments and projects
  • Be registered and accepted in an educational institution recognized by the Government of Canada
  • Pass the emigration medical exams

Visitor Visa Requirements and Process


  • Copy of your passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Copy of passport pages with stamps (current or expired passports – previous trips)
  • Digital photo (Front view, white background and neutral expression)
  • Letter of acceptance from the educational institution in Canada
  • Proof of financial funds to finance studies in Canada
    • Bank accounts, credit cards (preferably last 3 months)
    • Proof of work and/or studies, property titles, memberships and projects, and other ties, etc.


  1. We make an estimate of costs and fees.
  2. We sign a service contract.
  3. Pay an initial deposit (minimum 50% down payment).
  4. Client submits basic information and documents (fills out an internal form).
  5. Enrollment in the educational institution is carried out.
  6. We prepare the dossier, fill out all the forms, make and certify the necessary translations, add the documentation, and present your intentions and the required documentation.
  7. The client pays the remaining balance according to the agreement.
  8. We send the package to the government.
  9. We follow up and wait for a result.
  10. If the visa is approved you can travel to Canada.