Our Human Team

The team that works at Di Leone Group Inc. is professionally trained and meets all the requirements of our standards. We do our best to achieve the success of our clients in their migration projects.

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Leonardo Di Leone 2

Leonardo Di Leone

Managing Director

Leonardo Di Leone, director of DLG, has represented succesfully the cases related to immigrants and refugee for over a decade. Highlighting because of his professionalism, commitment, dedication and expertise, that make him achieving the highest success rates in his processes. Leonardo is an active member of CICC and CAPIC, fulfilling with the requirements for the exercise of his profession. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Blanca Di Leone 2

Blanca Di Leone

Operation Manager

Blanca Di Leone is the Operations Manager of DLG, she is a Bachelor in Economy, among her responsabilities are included the processes control, immigratory cases and human resources. With knowledge of English and French which she masters with totall fluency.

Karen Klouth

Karen Klouth

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Karen Klouth is a graduated lawyer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and she is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) entitled as Immigration Consultant from Ashton College. She is an active member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultant (CAPIC) and Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL)


Carlos Mario Diaz


Carlos Mario Díaz is a highly qualified immigration consultant, whose academic and professional training distinguishes him in the field of immigration consulting to Canada. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the prestigious De La Salle University in Colombia, Carlos has built a solid academic foundation that complements his expertise in immigration. Furthering his specialization, Carlos obtained a qualification as an Immigration Consultant, and is a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), the regulatory body that ensures the integrity and professionalism of immigration consultants in Canada. His affiliation with the CICC is a testament to his commitment to the highest standards of professional and ethical practice in the field.

Marielvi Hasen 2

Marielvi Pina

Cases Analyst Coordinator

She is a lawyer who has worked for the Supreme Court of Justice and different courts and judicial bodies in Venezuela. She has solid experience in legal analysis to clarify the legal complexity of the cases in her hands. Marielvi is fluent in English and Spanish.

Luz Marina Ramirez 2

Luz Marina Ramírez

Legal Transcription Coordinator

Luz Marina is a specialist in the different areas of Law, with more than 15 years of experience. She has the ideal skills of files management, record maintenance, data entry, research, copywriting, typewriting and documentation. She’s bilingual Spanish-English with excellent expertise in customer service, she has volunteer for more than 2 years in the Legal Defense Program for adults through the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Maribel Leal 2

Maribel Leal

Proof Analyst Coordinator

Maribel Leal is a lawyer with integral academic background in the matter of Human Rights, with large experience in cases analysis, substantiation and legal procedures, that involve defense and protection of the Human Rights and all the related matters. With a very high level of justice and equity.

Deymar Funes 2

Deymar Funes

Translation & Interpretation Coordinator

Deymar Funes, computer science techinician with English language studies, with more than 14 years of working experiencein administrative positions including legal and migrotary processes in London, England.

Angie-Aponte 2

Angie Aponte

Assistant Op Manager

Angie Aponte, is qualified in International Business, with more than 4 years of customer support experience dominating both English and Spanish. Committed, responsible, with great analytical skill to perform the transcription processes of the company. She stands out for her team-working capacity and her great commitment with the customers for the succesful cases.

2. Celeste Rojas 2

Celeste Rojas

Assistant Op Manager

Celeste Rojas is a Translation bachelor with over 10 years of experience in legal and audiovisual translation, she has performed for different companies as a translater focused in the legal area. In addition she has wide expertise for translation correction and team supervision.

Ana Machado (1)

Ana Machado

Office Administrative

Ana Cristina Machado is a Public Accountant, gradute of the Caholic University “Andres Bello” with 25 years of experience, specialized in the Venezuelan tax area auditing big conglomerates in the private area. She dedicated 20 years to health management, said working experience drives her to develop an analysis criteria and priority determination in the cases assigned to her.


Noelia Guliana Bustinza


Noelia Bustinza is a professional with training in Communication Sciences, obtaining her bachelor’s degree from the Garcilaso de la Vega University. In addition, she is a Professional Chef graduated from the Galia Institute. With experience in the field of Public Relations, she has worked as a Public Relations Assistant in the Municipality of Chorrillos and COINDE. Her career also includes an experience in Canada, serving as Day Home Blanca. Noelia stands out for her skills in arts, cooking, crafts and volleyball.

1.6 Gabriela Quiñonez

Gabriela Quiñonez

Translation & Interpretation Team Leader

Gabriela Quinonez is an architect and illustrator with more than 3 years of experience, handles graphic design and digital drawing software programs with expertise. With an extensive mastery in the Spanish-English translation and basic knowledge of Japanese and French.

Andrea Ramirez 2

Andrea Ramírez

Legal Technician

Andrea Ramirez, lawyer, with integral education in the legal area. She has performed different functions in the Colombian private law area, and in different positions of customer support for many years. Trained to analyze and sort information. Empathetic with great skill to give complete and succesful support to the clients.

Karen Hernandez

Karen Hernández

Legal Transcription Team Leader

Karen Hernandez, lawyer by profession, with 2 years of experience in the legal management of public and private administrative organizations. Gradute from University of Cauca, with ambition to expand her cognitive goals. She has two diplomas one in Private Law and other in Public Law, with the desire of going further into the constitutionalization of the legal field.

Lucia Gomez

Lucia Gomez

Office Assistant

Lucia Gomez holds a B.A Degree in Graphic Design, graduate in the Rafael Belloso Chacin University. Throughout her years of work experience in different environments and with mixed cultures she has prioritized empathic, respect and transparent communication

Jhon Garzon

Jhon Garzón

Case Analyst Agent

Lawyer graduated from the Catholic University of Colombia, with a diploma in extrajudicial conciliation, with experience in the monitoring, management and substantiation of rights of petitions, complaints, claims, suggestions, correspondence, guardianships, contempt and sanctions, knowledge in social security, conciliation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and others related to the practice of law.

Mariangel Vielma 2

Mariangel Vielma

Translation & Interpretation Agent

Mariangel Vielam is a bachelor in Audiovisual Arts, with expertise in Spanish, English and French. She has worked in Venezuelan Audiovisual Translation Industries as Mainpost and IDS, specializing as script translator for dubbing and subtitling. Additionally has experience as a freelance translator of legal documents.

Maria jose schaerer 2

Maria Jose Schaerer

Case Analyst Agent

Maria Schaerer, Creative polyglot with progressive career experience in graphic industries and translation. Known for strengths in project design, planning and management. Background includes working for creative agencies to create design assets, multimedia, user-focused web design as well as campaign strategies and materials.


Maglind Camejo

Legal Transcription Agent

Maglind Camejo, legal area professional with 23 yers of experience in the field, specialized in Criminology. With over 20 years at the service of the Venezuelan public administraton. She was a postgrade instructor in the Romulo Gallegos University, UNERG.

Alejandro Gomez

Alejandro Gómez

Translation & Interpretation Agent

Graduated in Modern Languages from the University of Caldas (Manizales, Caldas, Colombia), he carried out professional teaching practice at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in Barbados. He has experience as an English teacher at the Autonomous University of Manizales and a Spanish assistant at the Lycée Paul Doumer in Le Perreux-sur-marne, Île-de-France, in France and at Ohio University, Athens Campus, in the USA. He researched genealogy, obtained Spanish nationality and assisted in Portuguese nationality processes.

Julian Villarraga

Julián Villarraga

Customer Service Agent

He has experience in performing internal and external customer service functions, database management, office tools, assistance and support in administrative areas, which has allowed him to develop skills such as organization, teamwork, adaptability and capacity. of resolution to fulfill their work commitments.

Andres Ropero

Andrés Ropero

Translation & Interpretation Agent

Internationalist and anthropologist from the Universidad del Rosario (Bogotá) with a master’s degree in physical and forensic anthropology from the University of Granada (Spain). He has worked as a teacher and researcher at the Universidad del Rosario (Intercultural School of Indigenous Diplomacy) and the University of Santander. Likewise, he has experience as a consecutive interpreter in the fields of medical, legal, insurance, banking and government services. He is a native Spanish speaker, level C2 in English and B1 in French.


Iliana Francis Olivier Garcia

Proof Analist

Lawyer graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. She is a thesis student specializing in constitutional procedural law at the Universidad Monteávila-Caracas-Venezuela.
She was a lawyer in the Secretariat of the Constitutional Chamber and reviewing analyst of the Legal Consulting Department of the Supreme Court of Justice (2000-2023). “Extensive knowledge in Constitutional Law in Venezuela”


Alicia Lopez Londoño

Translation & Interpretation Agent

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and has experience teaching English and Spanish as foreign languages. She has a great passion for translation, in which she has been working as a freelance translator for approximately 2 years. Last year she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies and Education and completed a course in Translation Techniques at the National University of Colombia.

Leidy Viviana Granados Castro

Leidy Viviana Granados

Customer Service Agent

Business Management Technologist with 7 years of experience in study, analysis and market opening, personalized advice in different business areas and sectors, as well as customer monitoring and loyalty. She has experience in using office tools, crisis management, creating business plans and strategies.

Nicolle Caita

Nicolle Vanessa Caita

Customer Service Agent

Professional student in International Business, experience in performing functions such as: Internal, external customer service in person and by telephone, management of office and office tools, assistance and support in administrative areas, Creative, dynamic person; with the ability to adapt to change, willing and motivated to face new challenges and generate positive results.

Karen Rico

Karen Andrea Rico

Proof Analyst

Lawyer with strengths in the field of Human Rights and criminal matters. With the ability to provide legal advice in various areas of law, correct use of alternative conflict resolution mechanisms and skills in the solidarity economy sector. Academic and professional experience that allows you to perform under profound ethical and moral principles, having as a point of reference a political criterion through the constitutional framework of the Colombian social state of law.

Veronica Rubio

Verónica Rubio Tovar

Proof Analyst

Lawyer graduated from the Rafael Núñez University Corporation, with a diploma in updating Colombian laws. She has extensive experience in intervention before civil, criminal, labor, Horizontal property and commercial jurisdictions. Great capacity for Negotiation, Planning and Conflict Resolution, providing services such as legal advice, assistance in trials and drafting documents in different areas of law, aimed at Courts and public and private organizations.

Nicol Hernandez Berastegui

Nicol Hernández

Legal Transcription Agent

Nicol Hernández, by profession a lawyer, graduated from the Universidad del Atlántico in Barranquilla-Colombia, with knowledge in legal processes. She has a diploma in Criminal Law and Restorative Justice. With a commitment to solving problems quickly and effectively.

Vanessa Ochoa M

Vanessa Ochoa

Legal Transcription Agent

Professional in the area of Tourism, with more than 15 years of experience in performing functions such as: direct and business customer service, call center, management of office tools, with experience in Data Entry; basic knowledge of English, perfectionist, committed, proactive and dynamic; always looking for 100% positive results.


Daniela Muriel Arellano

Proof Analyst

Lawyer and Extrajudicial Conciliator in Law, with outstanding skills for the correct application of legal regulations, efficient problem resolution, detailed analysis of cases and precise interpretation of the regulations. My approach is based on a solid academic background and practical experience in the legal field. Fully committed to providing comprehensive and strategic legal advice. Approaching every situation with unwavering commitment.

Ingrid Tatiana Casanova-2

Ingrid Tatiana Casanova

Translation & Interpretation Agent

Ingrid Casanova stands out for her solid academic training that includes a degree in Literature, technology in Environmental Management and a technician in Social Communication, which positions her as a versatile and multidisciplinary professional. Her work experience spans diverse roles, from translating legal documents to customer service and underwriting management. Additionally, she has played key roles as a quality control agent in the field of translations, evidencing her ability to maintain the highest standards in demanding professional environments. Ingrid stands out for her unique combination of linguistic skills, communication skills and command of Spanish and English, supported by a proactive approach and a great passion for continuous learning. She is prepared to face new challenges and bring her experience and knowledge to any team or project.

Marcelo Gallardo-2

Marcelo Gallardo

Translation & Interpretation Agent

English-Spanish Translator and Graduate in Translation from the University of La Serena, Chile. He has experience as a university professor of TAC (Computer Assisted Translation) tools, as a proofreader of an indexed scientific journal and as a freelance translator.


Antony Rodriguez

Customer Services Agent

As a labor technician in computer systems, with skills in providing user support: training in the management of information systems, hardware and software support. Analyze information for the construction of systems, support the implementation of computer systems, support the installation of networks. Person with organizational capacity, commitment, ease of learning, resistance to stress, ease of working in a team, persistence and perseverance to obtain desired results, good communication skills, both verbal and written, adaptation to new processes and work groups. Proactive, with solid ethical and moral values.