Customer Service Agent

If you like challenges and you are a committed person, this opportunity is for you!

costumer service agent

Experience with and towards the client

Our customer service agent is the first face of our firm. It is important for the agent to ensure that every prospect and / or existing customer has a positive experience. Acting as an extension of our brand and focused on our values, this task is accomplished by treating each customer in a courteous manner, greeting them, and answering each question in a friendly and efficient manner.


As a customer service agent, in some environments, you are required to make sales. In these circumstances, you have to talk to each client and identify their needs. Later, you can make a recommendation or also consult or escalate the situation, as the case may be.

Problem resolution

Resolution of customer complaints and problems is generally the responsibility of the customer service agent. According to the ancient adage that “the customer is always right,” the agent must deal, even with the rudest or most upset customer, calmly and respectfully.

You must identify problems as quickly as possible, offering an appropriate solution that satisfies the customer and complies with company standards. When problems are determined to be serious in nature, you must collect all the relevant information and give it to the appropriate manager. All while actively working to calm the customer down and making sure the problem is efficiently fixed.

Business development

The customer service agent has to consciously look for opportunities for income generation. When speaking to a customer about a compliance issue; for example: the agent must get the customer to buy, by offering services that can complement those that have already been purchased. In addition, you have to actively listen to the clues given during the conversation that may indicate a future customer need. This must be communicated later in the reports.

Customer records

The customer service agent is responsible for collecting all relevant customer data. This can include contact information as well as detailed notes related to the customer’s story. This data is incredibly important, as it is often used by other areas of the business, such as the marketing team, to generate future revenue through the submission of marketing materials.

The ideal candidate is someone who possesses:

  • Bilingual English / Spanish, especially comprehension and expression.
  • An excellent service orientation and good treatment with the general public.
  • Objective negotiation skills with difficult clients.
  • Management and satisfactory resolution of situations and problems.
  • Proactive, friendly with online and telephone work, high commitment and aspirations for personal and professional growth.
  • College studies ARE NOT MANDATORY, but careers such as social communication, law, management or marketing are preferred.
  • Availability to work from Monday to Friday and comply with the schedule on time.
  • Ability to work efficiently with little or no supervision.
  • Ability to negotiate in high pressure situations.
  • Experience reporting activities and results.
  • Good command of the MS Office package

Main responsibilities:

  • Respond in a personalized way to the initial calls and doubts of our prospects and potential clients.
  • Capture the attention of prospects and potential customers.
  • Present our brand and services.
  • Increase the index of satisfied customers.
  • Schedule appointments for initial consultations.
  • Follow up on quality control in customer service.
  • Address any questions or complaints from clients or prospects.
  • Efficiently manage the link between clients and all staff.
  • Generate reports.

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